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Research And Development Of Cylinder For Rotary Printing


Cylinder for rotary printing is used for the precision printing of textiles. In printing technology, the error of counter printing is one of the important factors affecting the printing quality. However, at present, the counter printing is completed manually, with low output power and low printing quality. In this paper, we plan and complete an active flower control system based on machine vision for fixed table flat cylinder for rotary printing. The upper and lower computer layered control structure is selected to complete the flower error check and proofreading.

Research And Development Of Cylinder For Rotary Printing

(1) a high-precision image processing algorithm for flower error check is completed. From the point of view of the function of the algorithm, the amount of computation and adaptability, this paper makes a deep discussion on the image denoising, edge checking, edge thinning and line checking, and makes an experiment in MATLAB.

(2) the optimization of the flower error picture processing algorithm in DSP is completed. The flower error checking algorithm is transplanted to DSP, and the picture processing algorithm is optimized from three aspects of algorithm level, memory level, and C language level. The optimized picture processing algorithm code has a faster execution speed, improves the real-time performance of the system, and has engineering value.

(3) theoretical planning and software completion of the step motor control based on the trapezoid acceleration and deceleration curve.

(4) set up the channel of the lower computer. DSP is selected as the main control chip, and the CCD camera is used to collect the flower mark picture. After video decoding, it is input to DSP. DSP checks the flower error by digital picture processing algorithm, calculates the flower error, and sends the flower error information to the upper computer. According to the real-time operating system of DSP / BIOS, the program of using the lower computer is completed. The function mainly includes picture collection and accounting mission and infrared communication mission.

(5) set up the upper computer channel. The arm is selected as the main control chip to accept the flower error information from the lower computer and display it on the LCD screen. The flower error information is calibrated by the PWM function module driving the stepping motor. According to the UCOS real-time operating system, the upper computer application program is completed. The functions mainly include the graphical user interface display mission, infrared communication mission, motor control mission, etc.

(6) the hardware circuit of the IrDA infrared communication method between upper and lower computers is planned, and the infrared communication function is completed. Finally, the active control system of flowers is tested and analyzed. The experiment shows that the system has a high accuracy of flower alignment.

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