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MIC10 Cylinder For Rotary Printing
    • MIC10 Cylinder For Rotary Printing
Detailed Product Description

Detailed description Of MIC10 cylinder for rotary printing

Microhardness tester MIC10 cylinder for rotary printing of GE/KK company in Germany can evaluate Vickers's hardness concave quickly and conveniently by using UCI (ultrasonic Contact Impedance-ultrasonic contact impedance) method. The small and light MIC10 is powered by batteries, which can be used quickly in the field, without restrictions in all aspects, or even in the end position. The instrument can be applied to most fine grains and materials of any shape and size, especially to determine material characteristics within a small tolerance range.

MIC10 ultrasonic hardness tester is equipped with MIC2103 electric probe and bracket, which can be conveniently used to measure the hardness of copper plating and chromium plating in the drum printing industry.

The host can choose MIC10 or MIC10DL. MIC10DL can be equipped with a memory card, which can store the parameter settings for measuring copper and chromium layers, as well as the measured values. MIC10 has no storage function. Measuring copper and chromium layers requires setting parameters.

Characteristics of MIC10/MIC10DL Cylinder For Rotary Printing for Ultrasound Hardness Tester

· High precision measurement: Because continuous frequency measurement is monitored in the penetration process into the measuring surface;

· Change and display of hardness value: unit HV, HB, HRC, HRB, and tensile strength N/mm2;

MIC10DL Rotary Printing Cylinder/Cylinder For Rotary Printing is storage type, equipped with internal memory and additional memory card

· The internal data recorder can record about 1500 measurements, and the memory card can store about 590 measurements.

· Printable static indication function (larger reading, smaller reading, and relative standard deviation)

· RS232 interface can archive the test results through computer remote control or printer.

Technical parameters of MIC10/MIC10DL Cylinder For Rotary Printing ultrasonic hardness tester

Measurement/conversion range: 20-1740HV, 48-105HRB, 20-68HRC, 76-618HB, 5-2250N/mm2 (10Kg probe)

Display: 4-bit LCD with switch backlight

Resolution: 1HV; 1HB; 5N/mm2; 0.1/0.5/1HRC and HRB (optional)

Data Memory: Data Recorder can store 1500 measurements and Storage Card can store 590 data (MIC10DL)

Interface: RS232 interface, which can be used for two-way communication between printer and computer(MIC10DL)

Power supply: 2 1.5V batteries

Dimensional Weight: 160x70x45mm, 300g

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